13 Reasons Why | Netflix Series

Everyone and I mean E V E R Y O N E is going crazy over this new Netflix series. You might have watched it, you might have recognized it from the title or from the hundreds of YOUR friend’s Instagram stories that they have been posting and watching for the past days. I’m saying days because the release date was the 31st of March and still it managed to gain a 9.0 in the imdb score. If you don’t believe me check it out.

I – no joke – watched it during the time period of three days, let’s be real I could do it faster, but I didn’t want to completely ruin the cliffhanger feeling. There are 13 episodes, all uploaded on Netflix platform and you are able to download them on Netflix as well if you cannot be constantly online. I really do not want to give away too much but here’s the basic storyline that you have to have in mind.

Each episode is a tape. A series of tapes, that a girl recorded before she decides to take her life. You will feel bad, angry, unfair and sad. If you are a bit more sensitive you will have those feelings in a bigger extend than any other. But believe me when I tell you these are feelings worth having.

It is a very well structured series, with perfectly fitted actors, two of the most amazing are the stars Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) and Katherine Langford (Hanna Baker). You will find a lot of little things that in terms of directing and technical details are taking the series on another level. One example (for those who find themselves interesting in directing and on searching for different movie techniques) is the lighting which alternates between the scenes where Hanna is alive and dead.



You can find the whole cast on Instagram if after watching the series you are up for a bit of fan-stalking and you’ll see that some of them play in other Netflix series, such as “Riverdale”, but for this one I will extend more on another post.


At last, the most important is the social message that aims to come across which is about teenage bullying and suicide. Some of us may have not experienced such thing but for those who live with such load it is a very helpful way to see the other side as well. Yes, as humans we tend to see only our bad on a situation and how it affects us but we should also pressure ourselves to get into the shoes of others as well. Do not take so lightly a situation especially when it affects or even worse deprives a life.

Post written by: Bambatcha


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