Sneakers we are All Wearing this Summer | Trend Report

You may have noticed allover Instagram that sneakers is a huge trend right now. You can wear them with denims, skirts, dresses and business outfits. Therefore, you can easily get away with a clean white or beige or blush or tanned colour sneaker. After Adidas rebranding of the classic Stan smith and Superstar models, sneakers are back in fashion, and I say that they are here to stay for good!

Do not think at one instant that if you are buying those shoes you are becoming too basic like everyone else, who is wearing them. I mean yes fashion is for everyone, but the way you will choose to style it mixing it with your own personal style will give a tone of uniqueness.

In this Spring/Summer collections the colour palettes are between either nude or vibrant colours. The main schemes that are followed are white, blue, pink and brown. You can choose from either side the one with intensity or the low saturated one. Be bold on your choices, the patterns are very flow-y and hippy style. Bows are back in the game as well as patterns and florals. What a better combination of a floral dress in brown and pink tones with a pair of white Stan smiths.

For those who still lack of imagination here’s some pictures to give you a bit of a push up, to make you be more daring more bold on your choices. Fashion is a big part of our lives either we accept it or not. Being in fashion does not mean going all out of your comfort zone looking like every Youtuber’s Instagram after attending Coachella. You can take the trends and measure them to be on your standards.


The way I see it there are four brands that dominate at this time when we are talking about sneakers and these are: Adidas, Vans, Converse and Superga. Mainly these are shoes that with good maintenance you may be able to keep for more than 3 years… and guess what? They’re always going to be on fashion!

Post written by: Bambatcha


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