Draping Technique | Do or Don’t?

There is a recent chaos about a new makeup technique which is called draping. After the contouring, clown contouring and strobing a … not so new method is introduced back into our everyday lives. Actually it has been around for a while but it is now coming back in fashion… So, brace yourselves we are going to discover some further details about this technique.

Draping is actually a blush application technique used in order to shape the face by using colour. Unlike contouring now you only use different shades of pinks or peach, and not dark bronzed colours. Let’s see how you can achieve draping…

First off you want to start with two different shades of blush either in a powder or a cream form. The darker shade will be used to shape the face, whereas the lighter will highlight it. You can additionally use normal highlighter on top for a more intense result. Now you want to apply the darker blush shade in simple strokes lower on the apples of your cheeks and afterwards taking the lighter blush you will sweep it around it in circular motions. A round brush will help you while following this method.

Therefore, you will be needing two kinds of blushes a neutral shade for sculpting and a vibrant one for highlighting. The sculpting will be happening on the lower cheek bone whereas the highlighting around and mainly on the upper cheek bone. After you are done, you may proceed into highlighting with a normal highlighter on the high points of your face as you normally would do.



You may want to be extra careful on the colours and tones of blushes that you are going to use. Make sure they harmonically match your skin tones in order to avoid looking extra colourful, unless off course that is the kind of look that you are going for.


Here’s a helpful video tutorial for those who are still struggling to understand the steps to this technique. I have to admit that generally I am not a huge fun of blushes. I mean bronzer – I understand – but blushes not so much. However, I will definitely try this method just for the sake of it. What do you think? Would you try it?

Post written by: Bambatcha


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