Hair Jewels | Spring – Festival Vibes

For many of you Coachella is a well known thing. Some of you may have been lucky enough to visit this awesome festival on the beautiful area of Palm Springs. For the rest of us who haven’t got the chance to do so we can only dream and off course, “do” fashion. If you have taken a look on Instagram and Pinterest then you have seen the gorgeous braids and up-do’s that are currently trending. However, I’m mostly going to focus on the various “jewel” like hair decorations that have caught my eye and I most definitely want to try out.

It’s not an everyday hair-do choice but if you want something special for a fun photo shoot, a festival or even summer vacation, these jewels will give you the chills. I think that the first person that made them quite famous again was Ariana Grande, when during her “Dangerous Woman” tour wore her hair in Dutch braids with pearls from the top to the bottom. In the beginning I thought that it would be quite difficult to incorporate those in your hair but finally – after long hours of research – I came to the result that they are kind of clip ins.


Also, the hair rings – as they are called – were recently worn by Kim Kardashian during an event and immediatly she became the talk of the town.

So, you can braid your hair, do space buns or even braided space buns. You can add bandanas, floral bands or whatever you feel like and afterwards just clip in some hair jewels for a unique result.

Here are some ideas that I gathered to create once again an inspiration board – you can see how much I love those.


I remember wearing those as a kid with various designs such as little flowers, stars or diamonds (fake ones off course). It is certainly a late 80s, early 90s trend that is coming back in fashion and that is why I love it so much. Everything from this time period reminds me of my childhood years and I love it unconditionally!

Writer of this post: Bambatcha


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