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I’m not gonna deny that Tv is no more a thing for me. I mean I only use it as a screen that I will be connecting with my computer and watch Youtube or Netflix. Don’t deny that you are probably doing the same thing, even, a few moments before or after reading this post. Therefore, vlogs are a better version of a good reality show and I will be sharing 4 of my favorite lifestyle/comedy vloggers at the moment.

  1. Alex Wassabi

I’m pretty sure many of you are aware of Alex one of the two boys – back then – that started the Youtube channel “Wassabi Productions”. For a few years now he is managing this channel alone and I’m pretty sure that he’s done a great job with it.

On average he has 9,000,000 views on his vlogs and he is certainly the entertainer kind of guy. Recently he has been on a cruise and you can watch him eating iguanas and ants. He is very funny and knows how to make a fool of himself. You can take a look at his channel here.   




  1. Pointless Blog

Maybe you know him as Alfie or as Zoella’s boyfriend, either way he is very enjoying to watch. He is British living in Brighton, but he very frequently travels, eats good food and buys every possible gadget that is out for sale.

Also, if you are a lover of small dogs you will fall in love with Nala the small pug, always happy for hugs and random sleeps on everyone’s laps and bums. You can take a look at his channel here.



  1. Alisha Marie Vlogs

Mostly girls might know her, she has been a while on Youtube and has grown quite a lot during the past year. She is mainly a beauty/fashion vlogger on her main channel but her vlogs have a little bit of everything.

She recently moved at a house (decoration vlogs alert!) and she is a pure Disney lover. So, if you enjoy vlogs at the Universal Studios you now know where to click. She also has a little dog, Chloe and a deep passion for Starbucks coffee. You can check her channel here.



  1. Adelaine’s Camera Roll

You might want to check this channel if you are in a young age, most probably a girl, and you like fashion, screaming young girls and a lot of travelling. Actually in a couple of days she will be visiting Greece for vacation so you can follow her through her channel or Instagram.

She is 19 years old, Canadian but currently living in L.A. with a fellow youtuber. She has a very loud personality but she is really sweet and fun. I love the fact that whilst ending her vlogs she always has an advice for her viewers which is always positive since her main audience is teenagers. You can find her channel here.




I am aware that I talked about four completely different channels, for different ages, interests and content. However, I like to have a variety on the content that I am watching depending on the time and mood I am in. If any of you have any other people to suggest feel free to do so through the comments.

Writer of this post: Bambatcha


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