Affordable Everyday Highlighters

If you have already entered the highlighting game you may have noticed that it can turn into a pretty expensive sport. Off course if you want a highlighter for an everyday basis, nothing too glow-y or extravagant, there are many products in the market that you can try out, in pretty cheap prices. They are basically drugstore products that you can either find online or at nearby shops, depending on the area you’re living in. So, shall we start?


This palette has three highlighting shades depending on your skin tone and they are very blendable and good quality. Its price comes up to 4 pounds and you can find it here. I have and use this product every single day for brightening up my makeup especially now that summer is close by.



A fairly new brand, that has quite good products, especially the specific highlighter. Settle yet very blendable and buttery in its form costing only 2.91 pounds. You can take a look here.



For some of you Essence is just a very cheap cosmetics brand. For me it is a very respectful company with really good products. Once I tried out their mascaras and blushes I instantly fell in love. Their highlighters are lovely too, with the Strobing one taking over! You can see for yourself here.



If I want to be quite honest, this is not one of my favorite brands. I’ve tried a few products and I didn’t find them really worth the hype. It is a cheap dupe company and if make a bit of research you can see that each product will remind you of something else – most probably high quality brands. However, this highlight does quite the job especially if you want something smooth for an everyday basis. The money for value is not the greatest (7 pounds) but it certainly does the job. Take a look at the company here.


These are some of the endless highlighter choices that are out there and as I’ve underlined throughout the post they are definetly a cheap decision to make. You can try them out and even if you don’t like them…well it won’t hurt too much to just throw away.

However, if you want a double check on those products you can just search for reviews in articles and even Youtube videos. I surely enjoy an “One Brand Whole Face Tutorial”.


Writer of the post: Bambatcha


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