3 Favorite Sushi Restaurants | Athens, Greece

Living in Athens can be both an average and an amazing experience regarding eating sushi. Since sushi is a food that became popular in Greece only in the past few years, the restaurants where someone can eat decent sushi, are very expensive. Of course there is always an exception to every rule, and that is the case here as well. By exploring quite a few places in Athens, I have found the top 3 of places which are, in my opinion, both amazing in quality and within logical price ranges.

Located in 3 amazing places, in Psychyko, Pagrati and P. Faliro, the Sushi Bar easily made it to be my most favorite place to eat sushi. Great quality, great service, cozy atmosphere, everything is flawless. The prices are average to high, but let’s remember that quality in most cases comes with a high price. However, they have special offers, for example all the rolls you can eat for a standard price. For me the Sushi Bar is an amazing place, especially if you are with a loved one.

P.S. Don’t forget to taste the omelet futomaki (as shown in the picture), this dish is simply amazing.

25€ / person

Koi has many options concerning where to go, since it is located in 10 places in Athens, covering many areas, whether you want to sit in, take away or even order home. Koi is the best choice when it’s the end of the month, you desperately want sushi and you don’t have an unlimited budget. The restaurants are small and the line of people waiting to eat is huge, however it’s worth it both for the price and the quality they offer. I prefer Koi when hanging with my friends or even when I am at home, since they can deliver my favorite sushi choices.

15€ / person

What an amazing experience. I’ve only been there once so far, but I still can’t get out of my mind the gastronomic experience I’ve had. They have an a la cart menu and set menus to cover every taste. The staff was very friendly and the place had a closed balcony for the ones who might be wanting a smoking zone. To the food now – oh the food – whatever I tasted was amazing. Shrimps tempura, a variety of maki, nori salad and for dessert; Pavlova, everything was special. Also, since I visited the restaurant during Valentine’s Day, all female customers were to receive a rose.  I am the type of person who believes that an amazing place is characterized by the small things, and this gesture with the rose was something that really made this place a heaven in my eyes. The prices there are logical as shown at the “A La Cart” menu and the quality amazing.

20€ / person

If you live or visiting Athens, and you love sushi, these places can be an amazing experience to eat, either with friends or with a special someone. Enjoy!

Writer of this post: Kalliroaki


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