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Some of you may know the meaning of the word mule in the fashion industry, and some of you may not. Either way mule is a French word for a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. It can be completely flat or have a bit of a heel height. They firstly appeared back in the 60s and since fashion is coming back again and again, this year we find them back in fashion. The most well known ones are the Gucci mules, which are worn quite frequently by the Kardashians, especially the furry ones.

You can choose between endless designs, depending on the occasion that you want to wear them. They can have an everyday, business or formal structure and design. To be honest I really love seeing them be worn but I’m not sure if I would be daring enough to try them out. They are definitely on the edgier side of style and you have to wear them with full cognition and awareness.

In Greece, I have not seen a lot of women wearing these shoes, but I recently browsed around Primark’s website and I found some pretty good priced mules if you want to give them a try in an inexpensive way. Make sure though, that you can walk in them cause the tend to be a bit unstable especially with a chunky heel and a big toe opening in the front. Also, another important thing is to make sure that your feet stay within the shoe area, avoiding toes-touching-the-road situations.

Here’s some ideas of how the mules look like and a range you can choose between.








Writter of this post: Bambatcha


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