3 Favorite Sushi Restaurants | Athens, Greece

Living in Athens can be both an average and an amazing experience regarding eating sushi. Since sushi is a food that became popular in Greece only in the past few years, the restaurants where someone can eat decent sushi, are very expensive. Of course there is always an exception to every rule, and that is the case here as well. By exploring quite a few places in Athens, I have found the top 3 of places which are, in my opinion, both amazing in quality and within logical price ranges. Continue reading “3 Favorite Sushi Restaurants | Athens, Greece”


My Top 4 Favourite Vloggers | Youtube Culture

I’m not gonna deny that Tv is no more a thing for me. I mean I only use it as a screen that I will be connecting with my computer and watch Youtube or Netflix. Don’t deny that you are probably doing the same thing, even, a few moments before or after reading this post. Therefore, vlogs are a better version of a good reality show and I will be sharing 4 of my favorite lifestyle/comedy vloggers at the moment. Continue reading “My Top 4 Favourite Vloggers | Youtube Culture”

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