Sneakers we are All Wearing this Summer | Trend Report

You may have noticed allover Instagram that sneakers is a huge trend right now. You can wear them with denims, skirts, dresses and business outfits. Therefore, you can easily get away with a clean white or beige or blush or tanned colour sneaker. After Adidas rebranding of the classic Stan smith and Superstar models, sneakers are back in fashion, and I say that they are here to stay for good! Continue reading “Sneakers we are All Wearing this Summer | Trend Report”


13 Reasons Why | Netflix Series

Everyone and I mean E V E R Y O N E is going crazy over this new Netflix series. You might have watched it, you might have recognized it from the title or from the hundreds of YOUR friend’s Instagram stories that they have been posting and watching for the past days. I’m saying days because the release date was the 31st of March and still it managed to gain a 9.0 in the imdb score. If you don’t believe me check it out. Continue reading “13 Reasons Why | Netflix Series”

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